10 Cleaning Tips For The Kitchen Stay Safe and Healthy

keep clean the kitchen

Actually, i have an easy cleaning tips and tricks for your kitchen. Base on my experience, I can not feel comfortable when cooking, when the state of my kitchen dirty and nasty. The kitchen is where we will process the food or beverages will be served to eat. Cleanliness of the kitchen, will affect the cleanliness when preparing food and cooking. Spite of its size, a large kitchen or small kitchen, must be kept clean, safe and healthy. So here, I want to share about cleaning tips for the kitchen.

keep clean the kitchenIf your kitchen is clean, the kitchen will certainly make users more comfortable using the kitchen facilities. Not only the rooms kept clean, but also kitchen utensils should always be kept clean.

There are several things you should consider, so you can have the kitchen clean, comfortable and neat. I tried to make my kitchen look as comfortable as possible, so I like to cook and prepare food for a family with feelings of pleasure. Because according to myth, when cooking with good feelings, the sense of food also tend to be more delicious.

So, these are kitchen cleaning kitchen tips:

1. Customize your kitchen with a spacious kitchen furniture, do not make the kitchen too crammed with stuff that is not required, items that should not be in the kitchen. You can also capitalize on a model that uses a set of kitchen cupboards and kitchen cabinets. Adjust the paint color of your kitchen, kitchen to stay beautiful and nice views.

2. Use the multifunction kitchen furniture or versatile, for further minimizing the messy kitchen furniture. Use appropriate kitchen cabinet which have multifunction, is one of a good idea too, this could be a trick for small space ideas on your kitchen. This is done so that you still have a functioning kitchen is complete without spending a lot of space. Do not put too much stuff in the kitchen, so you will be free to move in the kitchen area.

3. Pay attention to the security of objects that can cause harm, such as gas cylinder storage space that quite adequate and safe, consider the circulation of heat, put an emergency alarm, to reduce the risk of dangerous accidents. Pay attention also to the circulation of water, clean water or dirty water.

4. Lighting and air circulation must also be considered. Keep the kitchen have windows and vents are loose. In addition to make the kitchen keep staying healthy. windows and vents will also increase your kitchen safety factor. Imagine if there is leakage of liquefied petroleum gas, the gas can be free to exit the room.

5. The kitchen does not have to be in the house. Back porch can also be used for your kitchen. Safety factor would be better, because air circulation is better and more freely.

6. Keep the items that seem to disturb the beauty of the kitchen to get a special place that is not visible or covered, such as trash, sewage water, place dirty dishes and so on. This will prevent the arrival of flies and other animals to come, and this is one of important tips for cleaning kitchen that you should consider.

7. You can use herbs places to stay awake so neat and clean. Suppose you use a tupperware or lock n ‘lock to store food ingredients, then use a special rack to put the bottles or places of spices. Food supplies such as instant noodles, cereal, snacks, and more, store it in a separate sealed to make it more presentable and not look messy.

8. Keep sharp objects and other dangerous objects are out of reach of children. Items such as knives, grater, put it in an enclosed place. Use a table that is not too sharp, the floor is not slippery, close socket, will improve safety in your kitchen.

9. Clean every equipment that you have used to cook or bake, wash dishes, tables, floors and everything that you are using. Use a kitchen cleaning tools and kitchen cleaning product that is suitable and appropriate to each different type of material goods on your kitchen. This is done so that kitchen hygiene will keep maintained. Any dirt or stains that will not stick too long on your furniture. And do not get used to delay this cleaning activity. Do not leave scars linger dirt when finished cooking.

10. Get used to restore its original state when you are finished doing the activity in the kitchen such as cooking and doing other activities. Trim back the goods that have been used, and return it to its original place, set back arrangement of furniture and goods that have been used.

10 of the above really helped me to maintain the security, cleanliness and beauty of a small kitchen in my house. Although I did not do the activities on the point number 9 and 10 by myself, I still instructed my employees that he had to do it. Or at least, when my employee was not around, I tried to do it by myself with neatly.

In addition to the health, cleanliness, and comfort, why should I really take care of security? the first factor is that’s becauseĀ  I have a kid who live in the house. I tried to arrange the best possible security in my kitchen, so that children and my family are protected from various hazards threat on negligence in the kitchen.

Kitchen that can meet the criteria either in terms of health and safety, its tidiness, it will result a kitchen that is comfortable to use and beautiful to behold. Those are some of my tips to make your kitchen clean, safe and comfortable. Hope this articles can be useful tips for you.

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