11 Types and Function of Paints

all kind of paints and its function

To change the appearance of colors in your home, then you need a paint tool and paint something that would be suitable for your coloring. You need to determine what kind of paint is most appropriate for use. Paint consists of various types and functions. Do not have the wrong type of paint to use on a particular field or object you want to paint. For that, you need to know, some kind of paints in accordance with their respective functions. Different type paints, will be have the different functions of paints.

all kind of paints and its functionIn my experience, I never use any type of wood to paint the bathroom walls. The goal for my bathroom walls is not easy to damp and moldy. I use paint on the walls of the timber that is not covered by tiles. However, the results are not even satisfactory. Due to the use of wood paint, wall moisture circulation gets worse. Causing the outer layer of bubble walls. This example of something I did wrong, because I do not know the correct type of paint and its function.

Then I tried to figure out, is actually made up of just about any type of paint. I do not want you to experience the same thing, one using a type of paint in your home. Because if you make a mistake, you would have to repaint your room. And it will spend and spend much time. As I said before, different type paints, will be have the different functions. It will be help for you to choose what’s good paint for house. And I think this knowledge about the type of paint and its function is valid for outdoor house paint, house exterior paints, and indoor house paint.

Here are some all kind of painting and functions you need to know, as quoted from Khedanta architecture, Friday (27/01/2012):

(updated list on July ‘3  2012 of my past article):

1. Synthetic alkyd paint.
Synthetic alkyd paint is a type that has the luster (gloss) high that used for the exterior and interior. Among other advantages, strong against the weather and mildew. Generally, this type of paint used for wood and metal surfaces.

2. Styrene Acrylic Emulsion paints.
Because there is a mixture of acrylic, a type that has a high gloss paint is used for exterior and interior where the strong against the weather and mildew. Styrene acrylic paint suitable for the surface of the plaster, concrete, brick, hardboard, asbestos and plywood.

3. Wall Sealer.
Is a type of paint used as a primer to cover the pores of the new stucco wall surface mounted so that the surface will be much smoother and the next Paint will be more attached to the stucco wall.

4. Primary zinc chrome.
Zinc chrome is a type of paint to the metal base material is made of zinc chrome. Paint is intended to prevent rust on metal. Customarily used for painting metal, zinc, iron and other metals.

5. Duco paint.
Maybe the paint is the most familiar types, causes, often referred to as a putty Paint. This paint is used as a primer covering the surface of wood or metal so that more surface obtained through a process of meetings and we will get a smoother surface.

6. Paint Melamic.
Made of amino and alkyd resin, commonly used for wood to form a smooth layer of paint, flat, and scratch-resistant and produces a high sheen. This paint is suitable wood used for interior painting.

7. Stoving paint.
This type of paint used for painting the finishing bias in metal. In practice for getting the most done with the oven system. Normally used for painting metal, electronic goods, tubing, and more.

8. Thermoplastic paint.
Thermoplastic paint is usually used for road markings.

9. Epoxy paint.
This type of paint used and the primer has a strong holding capacity that is often used as a cover surface prior to painting. This type of epoxy can also be found in various forms such as epoxy glue, epoxy putty, and epoxy injection. Used for metal and concrete.

10. Polyurethane paint.
This type of transparent paint that produces a high gloss with a smooth surface and scratch resistance.

11. Paint Remover.
Emulsion paint is a mixture of chemicals that can deteriorate or flaking old paint already on the wall.

So now you will be able to decide what kind of paint for furniture, and for outside paints of your eksterior part. Hope this can be helpful for you to choose what best kind of paint you should use.

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