12 Low Cost Home Improvement Ideas that Will Increase Your Home Value

To increase your home’s value, it is essential that you make needed repairs and updates on a regular basis.  Listed below are 12 low cost home improvement ideas that will increase the value of your home. Allow these tips to help you make small changes that will make a big impact.

  • Add a fresh coat of paint. A fresh coat of paint on walls that are less than perfect can add beauty and value to your home. Choose a color that will appeal to the masses and that won’t make your home feel small and drab.
  • Update light fixtures in every room. Do you have dated light fixtures throughout your home?  To add value, consider buying new light fixtures for each room. This is an inexpensive touch that is sure to raise the value of your space.
  • Fix any plumbing issues.  Plumbing that works correctly can be a valuable asset. Not only will it make your home worth more, it will ease your mind knowing that you no longer have plumbing issues.
  • Refurbish wooden floors. Wooden floors bring great value to your home.  To add even more value, ensure that the wooden floors are in tip top shape.  Sanding the floors and covering them with a high quality stain will without a doubt add value and make your home feel fresh and new.
  • Fix broken windows. Broken windows are dangerous and also decrease the value of your home over time.  Fixing broken windows is an inexpensive repair that will make all the difference in the appearance and value of your home.
  • Install a digital thermostat. Manual air conditioning thermostats are out dated and can decrease the value of your home.  If you replaced the air conditioning unit recently, perhaps it is time to do the same with the thermostat.  This is an inexpensive upgrade that will be easier to work and make your home appear newer.
  • Upgrade your countertops.  Old countertops can really bring down the value of your home. If you can’t afford granite, don’t fret! There are many inexpensive options that can help you get the look that you want at a great cost and also increase your home’s value.  There are even painting techniques that can make them appear new!
  • Install new bathroom faucets. Old, leaky faucets will affect your home’s value.  For very little money, you can upgrade the look of your bathroom by changing out the faucet.
  • New door handles can make the value of your home increase. Change out the door handles on the doors in your home to help add value.  Gold colored door handles or handles that are broken can quickly bring down the value of your home.  This is an inexpensive and easy repair that you can complete in very little time.
  • Weatherproof your home. Can your home stand up to the elements? Increase your home’s value and lower your energy bill by weather proofing your home. Add caulking around window and doors, cover faucets during the winter, etc.  There are many small steps that you can take to help protect your home from the weather.  If you live in an area that is prone to storms, add in storm proof shutters or window to boost your protection.
  • Add insulation to your attic.  How insulated is your home? This can have a huge impact on your monthly energy bills. For very little cost, you can get insulation blown into your attic. This will add value to your home and can be a great selling feature if you ever decide to sell your home.
  • Insure that the outside of your home is up to par. To increase the value of your home, make sure the outside of your home is in good condition.  Repaint shutters, fix any holes, and keep it in good working order.  These are cheap repairs that can really add to the value of your home.

Use the 12 low cost home improvement ideas listed above to help increase the value of your home.  These easy to do tips will help you get more for your home when selling.  Will you take advantage of these tips?

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