6 Tips How To Make Your Home Stay Beautiful and Comfort

tips how to make your home comfortable and beautiful

Make your home as comfortable as possible, in every corner of the room, is very fun. House that have  look beautiful, healthy and comfortable will make the occupants feel at the real home. There are some simple tips that you can use, check this out.

6 Tips on how to make your home to stay beautiful all day and make it unique.

tips how to make your home comfortable and beautiful
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1. Having a wide open space

If there is more space, provide large openings leading to the garden, either a window or sliding door. Circulation of sunlight and fresh air would be better. Not only that, you can make your home will have a great space of refreshing view more freely and fresh.

Tips: Relax time is usually between late into the night. Try to find out the west and east sides of your openings, so that when the sun is not stung in the afternoon, then do not make the openings facing the west.

2. Various Unique Ornaments and Decorations

Choose unique furniture in your room. Unique furniture can give the room a more assertive focus, combined with the colors that can give special accent.

Tips: Make your home more beautiful by using some decorative items for the room. Arranging the design and color also can provide special accent and be the center of attention in the room at your house.

3. Attach Large Mirror

In most cases, mirror is used to manipulate the room to appear wider. It’s easier if you put large mirror on one side of your room. Place the mirror side facing the window or open space, by doing this, you can get the reflection of outer space are widely present in your room. This is another way to make your home more beautiful and comfortable.

Tips: To make it more unique, you can create a design to prepare small mirrors laid out in such a way (use the art senses) on the side wall at your room. Mix and match thus becomes a form of interior space that can make you become more beautiful and unique.

4. Creating Rooms with Multiple Functions

Making room has a double function can give freedom to the residents to feel comfortable anywhere. You can make your workspace into a comfortable place when you need a break. Take advantage of a large single bed sofa-sized, by adding color or texture of the beautiful and pull the cushions on it.

Tips: Use a sofa bed that has drawers underneath to add a extra storage area in the room that will be made to have dual function. Extra storage space can make the room more tidy and avoid a mess impression .

5. Choosing a Comfortable Work Side

Another way to make your home comfortable is choosing a comfortable work side. At work, you must be need a break between your busy activity. Choose position of the work area near the windows overlooking the garden, to be able to make you get back the freshness of mind and the view at times of tiredness come. Tired eyes can be treated with green leaves in the garden. Fresh ideas can flow and popping if you clear and fresh your mind and you can get comfortable working atmosphere.

Tips: You can choose a wooden chair with a unique design. Also provide additional storage space under the table, to keep your desk stays neat. Or take advantage of a unique corner cabinets for storing small items which can give a mess impression.

6. Creating Comfortable Terrace

A place to relax a widely used is the patio. Choose comfortable furniture in this area. You can use a long cane or a chair. A little touch of art to revive the art in the area of ??leisure are like oil lamps, candles, soft pillows, ornate unique and calming, will provide a more comfortable patio area to relax.

Tips: Due to the patio area is open space, then select and use the furniture which more strong and have more good water resistant or stronger to the influence of air and water. For example, choose material that is not easily broken, easy to clean and does not easy smelly in the seat at patio area.

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