7 Tips How to Water the Plants for Your Home Properly

tips how to watering the plants properly

tips how to watering the plants properly

7 Tips How to Water the Plants for Your Home Properly — Growing beautiful flower and many plants to decorate our home, is a beautiful asset for the comfort of our homes. Plants is almost like humans, need water to survive and maintain the beauty of themself. You should be able to treat the plant with love and special attention to take care of them. Never miss a watering activities. There are a few tips on how to water the plants for your home properly. For me, I like to use manual system that use my water can or use a water hose to watering my plants. It is exciting and fun things to watering my gardens with my family, especially when my son’s holiday.

How to take care of plants at your home properly? Remember, too much watering is not good for the health of your plants. Give the life to your lovely plants the life with water and sun that suit for their needs. So they can still grow well and perfect. You can choose 2 ways of watering your garden plants, using irrigation (watering system), or manually. These tips will be able to apply to plant pots and garden plants.

Note these important things for watering plants on your lovely garden plants.

  • Plant size

You should consider the size of the plant, because it is a basic guide to the amount of water you can pour on your plants.

  • Weather

You also do not forget the natural factors, namely the weather. To maintain freshness and your plant roots, you can increase the amount of water for watering the plants when the days are too hot and sunny.

  • Watering schedule

Plants need to absorb the water and use it for photosynthesis, so make sure you give the water in the morning or afternoon only.

  • The Species

Some plants can directly absorb water from the soil to be used in the process of photosynthesis. You can reduce the watering schedule to be less frequent to avoid excess water plants.

  • Composition of the soil

Any type of land use affects the condition of the plant. A good soil will be able to retain water and keep plants moist even if you only water it once a day.

  • Location of plant

If you put the plants outdoors, you should water it regularly. But if your plants indoors and rarely exposed to sunlight, you do not have to bother to give them some water as often as possible.

  • The amount of water

You are still unsure of the amount of water should you give to the plants? Usually if you plant in a pot with holes and drain the water when you water it, then you should stop giving water.

So that’s how to take care of house plants with perfect watering care. Now we know, that’s so easy to care for plants for your home if you can recognize what they need. It is also useful tips for you who have a big house or a small house with a plenty of garden plants.

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