About Me

Who I am, who write in  “homesandcook.com” which will talk about all about homes and easy home cooking recipes?

I am a housewife and a mother of my only son. My husband has always supported me for what I do, as long as my acivities are positive things for me and my family. My daily activities are taking care of the household, accompanied my child’s activity which is now 2 years old, and tried to write in several blog.

On weekends, besides have the weekend with my lovely family, I used the time to take a singing job at a wedding or a gathering of some event and wedding organizer give to me,  in the city where I live.

In order with my blogging activities, I was inspired to create a blog that discusses everything about the house and home cooked meals recipes. I want  to be able to share knowledge online for free, either based on my own experience or from the various sources of information I got. I love find and learn anything online and offline about home and cooking tips.

This blog will talk about all things related to home & cook, such as home decorating ideas, how to maintain your house, how to make a comfortable home, taking care of home, take care home health, home improvement ideas , taking care of the family, until all the kitchen things, complete with tips and tricks for your home and your kitchen. Tips and tricks about food and recipes easy to make delicious dishes for your family and friends, that’s what I’m trying to share with you at this blog.

It is also possible there will be many new topics of interest surrounding the home, family and your kitchen. I also hope that with this blog, give many solutions for your questions relating to take care of home and family for you, what good and delicious food to cook at home, as well as things about simple cooking  you can do in your home and in the kitchen.

Hopefully you can take advantage of that information, tips and tricks on home and cook at home, which is discussed in this blog. Will be more enjoyable if you wish to participate by sharing comments, suggestions and criticism, for the sake of your progress, me, and this blog. Hopefully everything on this blog could be useful in your life.