Are You a Big Bore in the Kitchen?

I think that cooking is something which you either love or hate doing. However, I also think that some of the people who hate it feel this way because they get bored if they spend much time in the kitchen. As my Mum would say, only boring people get bored. So what can you do to stop being so boring while you are cooking?

For a start, if you only ever make the same things in the same way then you aren’t likely to get much fun out of it, are you? This means that you should ditch the boring stuff and add a bit more, well, spice I suppose, to your cooking.

Here are some of the ways I have change my kitchen habits to create more excitement while I am cooking.

Try Some Globetrotting Recipes

Have you ever made an authentic paella or moussaka? There are many fantastic dishes from all over the world and some of them are surprisingly easy to make. I tried my hand at goulash the other day and while I wouldn’t have won any Hungarian Masterchef competitions with it I still thoroughly enjoyed making it. I love watching those programs on the television which combine travel with cooking and eating. At first I thought it was a weird combination but I have since realised that they are a great source of ideas for new and exciting dishes. If I can get hold of some ants I might try the dish I saw some intrepid travelling chef try in South America. Otherwise, I’ll have another go at that goulash dish.

Add Interesting Ingredients

I used to make all of my meals from the same basic combination of potatoes, tomatoes, onions etc. This gets a bit dull after a while but I simply wasn’t confident enough to use other ingredients. Then an African work colleague invited me round one evening and I was amazed at how he fearlessly tossed into the pot all sorts of vegetables and spices which I didn’t even know existed. Since then I have started trying a whole lot of other ingredients in my dishes. Now it is the people who come round to visit me who get a surprise when I whip out some plantains or yucca. Another idea is to pick up something like beef biltong from your local supermarket or garage forecourt. I sometimes buy some of this dried meat on my way home from work to use in a stew. I also found a Latin American shop near me where I get those plantains and yucca from, as well as some cracking chocolates it has to be said.

Do It with Friends

Personally I enjoy cooking on my own but I guess that not everyone likes to do this. If you get bored by being on your own in the kitchen then why not invite some people over. The work colleague I mentioned earlier started showing me some Nigerian recipes and I found that it was great fun to make them. I then got some lesson from another colleague I worked beside. He was the person who introduced me to that beef biltong and a few other typical ingredients from other there. Most people you interact with probably know at least one lovely recipe which you could learn from. Even if you don’t learn anything from then you can simply enjoy the pleasure of some company in the kitchen. It is a relaxing kind of hobby and a fun way of spending some time with friends while trying out new ideas. You certainly won’t be either bored or boring in the kitchen if you do this from now on.


~Author Bio~

Calvin Ford is a cooking enthusiast who has a lot more fun in the kitchen since discovering plantains, beef biltong and the joy of trying out new things.

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