Do You Know How To Cook a Perfect Steak

Do You Know How To Cook a Perfect Steak? The perfect steak begins with the perfect cut of beef. If you want to maximize your flavor of a quality steak, you will need to be on good terms with your butcher. Do not buy meat that is sold in a pre-packed container. Your steaks should be cut at the store level and wrapped in the store; there is no excuse for buying steaks any other way.

Look for, if you can find it, Certified Black Angus cuts. This is a cut of beef that requires a special license, separate display casing and other certification standards. While it may be a more expensive by a dollar or more a pound, you will more than make up for the price in the quality of the marbling, flavor and aging.

For a steak, most people immediately think a T-bone. This is a great cut, but you are also paying a premium price for a large piece of bone. You are better with a strip loin, the large part of a T-bone, or a boneless rib eye. Either of these will suffice for your steak needs, but be certain to get one that is a minimum of one and one-half inch thick. A true steak lover will go no smaller. How to cook perfect t-bone steak over charcoal?.

When you get your steaks home and are getting ready to cook them, do not use fancy marinades or dry rubbing materials. Your steak is best when it is seasoned with some pepper and a coarse grind salt, like kosher salt, and a very small amount at that. Your flavor will come from the browning and juices produced not from what you put on the surface.

Once you have prepared your steaks, it is time to consider cooking options. An outdoor grill is best, and charcoal is better than gas. Charcoal will provide subtle flavors that gas simply cannot produce. You will want to use enough charcoal to create a hot surface and heat the grill for the marks. For two steaks on an average grill, think 30-40 briquettes. When your briquettes have a nice grey ash on them, you are ready to cook your steaks.

Place the steaks on the grill at a slight angle of about 10 o’clock. Leave them for a minimum of two full minutes. After two minutes, turn your steaks to 2 o’clock, and again, leave for two minutes. This will give you a four minute cook time on one side. After four minutes, turn your steaks with a pair of tongs, never a fork, and repeat for an additional four minutes.

Now, let’s go on to the next step on how to to cook a perfect to be as simple and elegant. Once your steaks are done cooking, remove them to a plate and cover loosely with tin foil for about 10-15 minutes. This time will allow the juices to redistribute. Your steaks should be a perfect medium-rare at this point, and the surface will be blackened with perfectly formed diamonds for the “grilled” look. Enjoy!

Written by Mark Lynch, a guest writer for culinary arts schools, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts.

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