Give Larger Impression in Small Apartment Design

Larger Impression in Small Apartment Design

If you feel trapped by the atmosphere of the cramped apartment room, it’s time for you to clean up and re-arrange your apartment. Having a larger apartment would be very nice , but the rental cost will certainly not cheap. Do not be discouraged by the small apartment that you have right now. Whatever interior design style you use, you can do some tricks to make your tiny apartment be  more spacious and comfortable impression.

So here is an apartment interior design ideas, to keep your apartment feel and look wider than you have.

5 Tips to Give Larger Impression in Small Apartment Design

Larger Impression in Small Apartment Design
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1 . Give Dark Shades

Natural colors such as brown, brick red, dark green, gray, is more absorbing the light. So make another new apartment design styles. These colors will give the impression of space in your apartment looks more cramped. Try to match the color of the ceiling paint to paint the walls with the same colors so that you get a room effect indefinitely.

2 . Light settings

Is your ceiling is lower than 3 meters? Avoid claustrophobia by putting a light right above your head. You need adequate lighting inside your apartment. Select and use a similar small lights around the room. Shine the one on the wall side with light to give a feeling of space .

3 . Simplify

Do not place items or furniture that can block a visual sight in your room. Use furniture that is both minimalist and multifunctional. Do not ever leave neatness on any existing items. Arrange neatly in a  good place like the trophies or any achievement pride of yours .

4 . Centralized arrangement

Now let’s talk about the furnished apartment part. Although your apartment space is not too wide, do not use the technique paced preparation of furniture against the wall. You may put the sofa in the middle of the room, on the top of a carpet with a sofa table in front of it. The arrangement will make you feel surrounded by a sense of space, not by the stuff in it .

5 . Put a transparent screen

As said in point number 3, do not block your visual eye. Then use a solution by choosing a transparent divider. You can build or just put a new furniture as a new apartment design of your rooms. For example, using the aquarium as a room divider. The water in the aquarium not only provide beauty, but also able to be an efficacious  stress remedy. Keep the cleanness of your aquarium, try to clean it regularly .

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