How to Apply The Natural Stone on The Wall and Floor

Apply The Natural Stone on The Wall and Floor

There are various kinds of natural stone that can be applied to a building, including in residences. A decorative natural stone or culture stone can be mounted on the exterior and interior. The architects would normally be considered an artistic point of natural stone to be used on a building, color harmony with the architectural style of the criteria of a general nature. Now, let’s see some tips on How to Apply The Natural Stone on The Wall and Floor.

Apply The Natural Stone on The Wall and Floor
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Expensive price not to be the benchmark of natural stone splendor. It all depends on the tastes of the homeowner. And preferably, the selection is based on the demands of rock emerging trend as in me only, but selects the type of stone that can give its own characteristics on the feel of your home.

Homes with a natural stone will be more impressed. If you are using a natural stone on your wall, you can reduce the cost per year to buy paint. Artistic style can be combined with the application of natural stone used in the construction of your house.

Here are some tips that you can consider, how to install natural stone in your dwelling.

Tips on How to apply the natural stone:

1. Select Stone Type

For free maintenance, choose a natural stone that is hard. Usually this type of natural stone that is harder to reduce the time of moss growing longer.

2. Select and specify the pattern and the size of the stone.

Some types of stone have different sizes and are usually irregularly sized. For this, first determine the size of the stones and mounting pattern before you start installing a stone on the walls and floor of your home.

3. Select and use the appropriate adhesive material.

Strength of attachment of the natural stone will depend stones affixed to the cement used. In order for the installation of a stone with a stick better, then use a special mortar.

4. How to Put the correct use

Installs on wall:

  • The Natural stones have a character with large pores nough. To handle this, then before reinstalling, the stones should be soaked first in the water.
  • Before gluing stones, in order to clean the surface of your wall, so the stones will be more stronger against the wall. Because of the dirt on the walls, will inhibit adhesion.
  • Use base adhesive applicator / wall trowel for installation of the stones done manually. This is the most common method used.
  • Tick species recommended adhesive mortar is 4-8 mm (depending on the type and size of the stone), then stick to the wall slowly.
  • Arrange the stone first on the floor and then install on the wall. Always start with corner component before laying the flat component. Start for one end and work towards the other. Press each stone firmly into the mortar bed in a sliding motion. Ensure that individual stones are placed as closely as possible, creating uniform joints between them.
  • If there are streaks or residual mortar attached to the stone after taped, then you should immediately clean it.

Installs on floor:

Way of installation of natural stone on the floor is not really much different from the way the installation of natural stone on the wall. However, as additional tips, you should apply a stone without grout, so it looks more attractive. Or you do not need to connect the stones to each other with mortar to fill in the gap. This is done so that the composition of natural stone affixed naturally more impressed.

To get the perfect look better, then you need to combine it with the basic design and harmony in combination. To make natural stone looks beautiful, notice the pattern of installation, finishing the new stones, the process of installation, and maintenance. Artistic impression gained is one part of the job design to suit your taste.

Because of the character, nature and the texture are different, it is not necessarily all types of stone can be installed with the same technique. So many kinds of finishing up a mosaic stone can be selected with a charming and exotic appearance. And the other important thing is, that you should really pay attention to how to treat the natural stone that has been installed.

The main thing that must be considered in applying the natural stone is about the maintenance. Natural stone is more susceptible to cold and moss growth. For those reasons, natural stone placed there should have coatings. However, the use of coatings also cannot be carried over and it is up to the owner’s taste. However, there are many people who choose not to use a natural stone coating to get the feel of a more natural atmosphere.

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