Magic Of The Blues In Bedroom Decor

Are you planning a change in your room? Are you tired of the same old conventional look?  Here is a great way to modernize the ambiance of your Bedroom Decor.  Planning a colour theme is the first step when it comes to decorating any room.  Bedroom is a place which should be immaculately planned for a good night’s sleep after a tiring day.  This article will shed light on the colour blue which when added to your Bedroom Decor brings out a serene and a calming effect to the nerves and at the same time can be very modern and icy.


Whenever a colour is selected for theBedroom Decor, it can be incorporated either by painting the walls or adding various accents to the room.  Accents can include the fabrics for the curtains, cushions, sofa cloth, rugs and the wall hangings.  Having a pattern on these fabrics or not is a matter of choice.


If you are fascinated by the ocean, then you can go for a combination of sea green and blue.  The colours of the sea look beautiful when on the wall.  This special colour has a special calming effect to the brain that kills the stress.  The walls can have light blue with a darker tone of the same on the roof.  The walls can have a wall paper marking the oceanic theme.  If you don’t like a lot of patterns and would like a simple plane room; add shells and wall hangings as an inspiration to the vast sea.


The combination of white and blue is awesome and at the same time has a cool effect.  The walls can be light blue or white in colour.  Whites and light colours always make the room look big and spacious.  Add the darker tones and various shades of blue through the cushions and the rugs.


This is perfect for an ultra modern and vibrant looking Bedroom Decor.  The electric blue shall always be added through the accents.  The electrifying coloured fabric is easily available in the market.  The walls can be kept white or light blue.  The electric blue when added in the form of shimmery and silk fabric would create a mesmerizing and a crisp effect.

Decorating a room can be fun and full of inspiration once you understand the various colours of nature in their true spirit.

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