My Son is Hard to Eat, Please Help Me

My Son is Hard to Eat, Please Help Me — I am a mother of my lovely son. My first experience was really great. Having a first feel pregnant, childbirth, infant care, up to now my son is 2 years old. I really exciting for my all new experience. But of all the things I experienced, I really feel worried and scared, when my son would not eat. This is what I am going through right now, and I need help to solve this problem. In fact, sometimes it makes my stress and panic.

I learned a lot from various sources about how to cope with the problems of children. But up to now are still difficult I found was how to cope with a difficult child to eat. Since my son was 1 years old, he started to not like rice. But luckily, he still loves vegetables and fruits. Various ways have been tried, but still found the results.

I have also tried to give some food to my son by creating a fun moment with play something. But it also has not been successful. When my son was about 1.5 years, my depression is often made, because my son really did not want to eat anything. It causes me stress and I was angry a few times and snapped my son to eat. But then I know that this is a very fatal mistake. According to information I got, this bad behavior will only make the child afraid of the psychology of eating activity. After learning of this mistake, so I stopped behaving that way. I tried to do this, more subtle, and do something more acceptable to children at his age.

Some say that I should try different variations of dishes for my child. I was already doing. Until now, the most striking is, by involving my child when I would make a cake on my home kitchen. That way my son could love a cake that I made. I set the proper nutrition for his in the cake that I made. As much as possible does not always make a cake with a high sugar .

Sometimes I make simple dishes, but good enough nutrients for my child. For example I made a schotel using some vegetables, like carrots, potatoes, celery, and others. Doing this one is pretty powerful for a while. When children are bored, he did not want anymore to eat this cuisine.

I often run out of ideas to make the food less appetizing meal for my son. Imagine, in one week, I had to make a variety of food, which will be liked by my son. This is often confused me.

Frankly I have never discussed my child’s problems are difficult to eat, to the experts. What I do is to make browsing online information on the internet and read books or magazines only.

For that I beg the reader, if you have any advice for me, please give it to me, what should I do to my child’s appetite can be good. I do like to receive advice and input from you. What dishes should I make, and the idea of making a schedule of meals in a week what should I make for my son.

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