6 Tips How to Prevent Home Roof Leaks

how to prevent home roof leak

One problem which often encountered in some house is the roof leaks. Although it looks like it is easy to be handled, but without proper treatment will lead to bigger problems. To that end, in fact when building a house, you should do some preventive measures, so that the house’s is not easy to leaking.

how to prevent home roof leak
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Of course, preventing leakage would be better than having to fix a leaky roof in the future. The leakage problem will be more disturbing if the rains come. There are several things you can do as a preventive measure when designing the roof of your house, so as not easy to leak.

Tips to Prevent Home Roof Leaks

1. Note the angle of the roof.

With the proper slope, the water will be easy to flow down. For areas with high rainfall, you should really pay attention to the angle of the roof.

2. Installation of roofing materials minimize connection.

If there are some meeting points between the roof material, make sure that the meeting point of actually meeting and has a good overlapping and no gaps. If there is a spike in the use of certain materials, you should use a nail that is equipped with a rubber ring under it to avoid leaks. Choose a qualified nail, and not easily corroded.

3. Roofing material selection should really qualify.

The material forming the roof is quite diverse, such as concrete roof tiles, PVC, clay roof tiles, bitumen, metal roof, and others. Whatever material is chosen, then examine and choose the best or good material. Choose a material that is not easy to crack, more robust and resistant to heat and wind exposure. Choose a material that is also easy installation, and does not leave a gap. If you plan on making a sloping roof, the roof used to span a fairly wide with a high density. While, for the slope of 30-40 degrees, you can choose plain tiles with small spans.

4. Minimizing the use of gutter (both concrete and zinc).

This one root element can also cause leaks. This could be caused if the connecting system is not good or because the material is damaged and age. The fewer number of gutters is used, then the potential for roof leaks will be minimized.

5. At the meeting of tile accessories (roof edge and gable), use waterproofing.

Waterproof used to prevent water from seeping through the pores of the roof material, or through small cracks were found on the connection points. Roof ridge and eaves also require waterproof, to prevent seepage of water from the existing cracks in it. Layers are strongly advised to use a waterproof roof is made of concrete.

6. Do check the condition of the roof of the house periodically (attention part of the framework and material), especially when approaching rainy season.

If there is any damage found, then do not let minor damage to the roof for long, immediately improve. You would be difficult to repair when it rains. If it leaks occur when rain comes, immediately find the source of the problem, so that we can ascertain which parts are to be repaired later. To get the source of the leak must be observed when the rain came.


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