Stay Away and Preventing Poisoning Hazards Tips at Home

how to preventing the dangerous poisoning at home

Many items in the house can contain dangerous toxins . Neatness and adherence of adults who live at the house often lead to the occurrence of many cases of poisoning , and it is also a lot happening because of chance. The Dangerous Poisoning can be threatening adults and children. Then how can you keep stay away and preventing poisoning hazards for both?

how to preventing the poisoning hazard at home
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There are many foods that already had expiry time unexpectedly. Materials such as brake oil, floor cleaner, kerosene, insect poisons, cosmetics, which are not placed far enough from children, can be a big  risk to them. There are also many harmful ingredients that should be sure to be closed, if it’s kept open, it can cause toxins spread through open air. Poisoning hazards can be experienced in the low-to-high levels, an it can causes a death.

You really need to pay attention to any items or objects which can invite danger come that can cause any accidents caused by toxins. There are a few suggestions to protect family members who stay at home to keep them stay away from the danger of poisoning in the home, and other hazards such as fire or explosion.

Stay Away and Preventing Poisoning Hazards at Home

1 . Bedroom Area

Provide a separate and enclosed place to store items such as cosmetics , insect poisons , drugs , and colorful mothballs. Separate place for each item and adjust each type . For example , put the drugs it in box 1 , store medicines in box 2 , cosmetics in box 3 , and so on . Give  a label for each box, and store it closed cabinet . These stuffs are usually more interesting for the children . As much as possible, keep the safe range place far away from children. The best place to keep those medicines is locked away or up high where your children can’t come across them. Fit safety catches on any low cupboard doors and drawers and make sure bottle tops and lids are closed properly. Remember, that these materials should not be ingested or swallowed . If this happens , it can cause nausea , vomiting , weakness , restlessness and convulsions .

2 . Bathroom Area

Provide a special place to store cleaners, laundry soap / detergent, bleach, soap, toothpaste, deodorant floor, bleach, disinfectants, hair dyes, fragrance room . Separate place each item according to the type and function . Store it really carefully, out of the reach and sight of children, clean back those items after usage, so that storage space will not get dirty . Check the back cover density of various bottles or other containers .
Bath soaps that contain detergents, dyes and fragrances that are ingested by acciden, can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and irritation can occur if affected the eyes.

Laundry bleach containing Sodium Hypochlorite ( NaClO ) can cause irritation in the respiratory tract, coughing, and shortness of breath if inhaled. In addition, it also can make eye irritation , sore , and blurring of. It also can cause irritation to the skin, the skin will becomes red, sore and blisters. Moreover, if ingested, will cause a burning sensation in the mouth and throat. Do not forget to always use gloves while clean and tidy up the items in the bathroom. Note also the air vents while using a lot of chemicals in the bathroom. It is recommended to always use masks.

3 . The kitchen area

The kitchen is one of the very dangerous areas,  especially for children, if you do not pay attention to various aspects of security in it. Dangerous and accident risk is quite high in the kitchen area. Make sure dangerous items such as gas cylinders, cooking mixed materials such as vinegar, baking soda, laundry soap ,rat poison, insect repellent, keeps each in a separate and completely safe from the children. It would be very nice if the storage is covered. Do not ever leave poisons on a place or in an unlocked cabinet.

4 . Garage Area

If you have items stored in the garage such as paint, paint diluent, lubricating oil, car and motorcycle oil, then really pay attention on those things and place it to the correct and safe storage. The materials are highly concentrated, would be very dangerous if inhaled, especially if its swallowed. If you are in a closed room condition with a lot of the above mentioned ingredients in an open state, then it would be a very risky which can cause irritation to skin, eyes and respiratory tract .

You would agree with the statement, it is better to prevent than cure right ? So be careful, and make more your storage tidy for any items that contain toxins and cause other hazards in your home .

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