The Best Answer To Stink Bug Problems

There are so many bugs that can cause serious and annoying infestations that it can be a bit overwhelming at times. One thing that increases one’s stress when it comes to bugs is the fact that there are always new insects that can grow in population and cause trouble for both homeowners and farmers. The most recent arrival on the insect scene in the United States is the Stink Bug, which is a medium sized swarming bug. They are most prevalent in the southern and mid-Atlantic states, and were first seen in Pennsylvania in the late 1990s.

What’s wrong with Stink Bugs?

They are first thought to have arrived in this nation by way of shipments of goods overseas from the continent of Asia, most likely from China or Taiwan where the bugs are endemic. Their odd name comes from the fact that they are known to emit a foul odor that resembles a skunk when they are threatened or killed. They are known to cause huge problems for farmers in these areas, where they will infest a farm, eating crops and laying their eggs all over the area leading to a long-term and tenacious infestation. Adding to the fact that they are incredibly hard to get rid of both in farms and houses is the fact that they have shown themselves to be very resistant to many different kinds of pesticides, which is thought to have occurred due to the overuse of the wrong types of insecticides when they first arrived in addition to the fact that they naturally and rapidly develop a quick resistance to virtually any pesticide.

So… how do you get rid of them?

Therefore the question becomes how to get rid of these annoying insects if the traditional methods don’t work. The answer to this problem lies in a distinctly different form of pest control that is usually not employed. This method, of course, are stink bug traps, which are specially designed products that are very effective in eliminating these troublesome pests, both indoors and out, depending on the size of the problem and where it occurs.

The Strube-Meister

A man named Andy Strube in Pennsylvania, who was dealing with a large and tenacious infestation in his own home, designed the market leader in these traps. An anecdotal story has him deciding he’d had enough of the bugs when one fell into his plate while he was eating dinner.

After that, Mr. Strube quickly went to work researching the bugs and learning what sorts of things would attract them so he could design an effective trap. He settled on two different types of odors that would draw the bugs in, squash and peppers. He then added a bright incandescent light to the trap to give it even more drawing power, and then sheathed the whole thing in a removable sleeve that is covered with a sticky substance resembling glue. Once the bugs are drawn in by the light and odor they will then get attached to the glue and be unable to escape. One sheath can hold and kill up to 200 bugs, and they are easily disposed of and replaced, making these stink bug traps a cost effective way to rid your house or outdoor spaces of these terrible pests.

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