Tips To Make Your Small Kitchen Appear Larger

Make Your Small Kitchen Appear Larger

Perhaps you have downsized for economic reasons or maybe the kids have flown the nest and you’ve decided the two of you are more suited to a smaller bijoux pad. For whatever reason, you may well find yourself with a more economic kitchen in terms of space and be looking at some kitchen design ideas for inspiration.

Make Your Small Kitchen Appear Larger

White is right

When it comes to a small kitchen white is definitely your best friend. Not only does it reflect the light making your room appear larger but it also seems to make the walls recede. A good tip is to carry the white from the cabinetry to the ceiling, walls and counter tops giving a seamless look that doesn’t have any boundaries or edges to break the flow. White kitchen cabinetry has always been popular and you can find it in traditional shaker kitchen cabinets as well as in contemporary high gloss cabinets. If you’re worried about your kitchen looking sterile and clinical try using varying shades of white and different textures throughout.

Using glass doors

The key to making your kitchen appear larger is to fool the eyes and trick the brain into thinking the space is larger than it actually is. A good way of doing this is by replacing some of your solid wood  cabinet doors with glass fronts. This takes the eye directly into the depths of the kitchen cabinets so that the walls seem further away. It works best if your cabinets are tidy and your china is color     co-ordinated.

Streamline storage

Small kitchens naturally have storage problems and all too often clutter spills over on to the counter  tops. Pantry cabinets, if you can find a place to slot one in, do a great job of storing a lot of items and freeing up space in your other cabinets. Alternatively, a corner appliance garage which sits beneath your wall cabinets onto the counter top is a perfect way of storing bulky appliances such as toasters, blenders and coffee makers, and makes it easy to access them for food prep.

Borrowing space

Depending on the layout of  your kitchen, you might be able to knock down part of a wall which separates the kitchen from another room. Although this won’t increase the square footage of your kitchen it will give a more open spacious feel and let more light in.

Keep it sleek

Finally, if you’re hankering after oak kitchen cabinets choose a simple design such as the European frameless style or ones with integrated handles, as these clean lines will give a crisp look that will help to make your space look larger. Instal some under cabinet lighting which is useful when you’re preparing food and add some low pendant lights over seating areas, which will create a warm cosy ambience in the smallest of kitchens.

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