Top 4 Tips To Cook Sushi Like A Japanese Chef

Sushi are quite fiddly and tedious to make. But if you can learn how to make them like a real Japanese chef, you’ll gain a life skill and a conversational topic all in one go. As with anything else, the more you make sushi, the better you will get at it.

Your main goal is to make it look impressive, as if your sushi was prepared by a professional. The second thing is to make sure they taste like the real things. The key to making good sushi is to follow the recipe religiously. Here are some tips that can help you on your way.

1. Prepare all necessary ingredients and materials.

Have the following ingredients ready: a cup of boiled rice (preferably sprinkled with about two teaspoons of special rice vinegar), rocket, cucumber, steamed sweet potato, nori seaweed, and soya sauce or brag (as dip). You should have a bamboo rolling mat ready as you will use it to make rice rolls. A sharp knife (preferably wet to prevent tearing when slicing sushi rolls) should be used to cut the sushi later.

2. Strictly follow the recipe

Begin by cooking the rice, preferably brown rice sprinkled with rice vinegar. Cut the cucumber and sweet potato into long thin strips (make sure cucumber seeds are removed). Put nori seaweed on your bamboo rolling mat covering it afterwards with rice, about a centimeter deep. Then, add the cucumber, sweet potato, and rocket. This is the challenging part: lift the bamboo mat’s front side closest to you before rolling the sheet very tightly. Apply even and gentle pressure when making a roll. Slice it using a sharp/wet knife and serve with soya sauce or brag as dip.

3. Aim to make the perfect sushi.

Always pick sticky rice grains. As you put the ingredients into the roll, resist any urge to overstuff it. Most beginners give in to temptation to put too much rice and fillings in it, leading to squishing out of most ingredients from the roll. You do not need to make your sushi rolls overstuffed and stocky. This is a time when less is more. Don’t worry because it will still taste good, as the flavors will be balanced.

4. Just relax when making sushi.

Have you seen any Japanese chef acting nervously when making sushi? They know that staying relaxed when cooking is the key to doing things right. You can get more comfortable with the procedure as you get used to it. Practice makes perfect. And don’t worry if your first sushi is sloppy-looking. Just make sure it tastes good. Relax and enjoy as making sushi can be fun.

With these tips you should be making sushi like a professional in no time at all.

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Andrew is a food blogger with a passion for Asian and Japanese food. Over the last 4 years, Andrew has trained many chefs on how to use maki maker to cook sushi. Through blogging, Andrew enjoys sharing his experiences and knowledge online.

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