Various Type of Cheese Flavours of the Europe

Different type of cheese

Many kinds of cheeses sold in the market, so you can choose the cheese whatever you like, you can process them into food, or even just used for dressing. Savour the gastronomic delights European Cheeses have to offer. Take a look at this various type of cheese you can get.

Different Type of Cheese Can Gives A Different Flavours

Different type of cheese
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  • Beautiful Blue

Danablu (Danish Blue Cheese) is a semisoft, cow’s-milk cheese that has a zest all its own. Serve with fruit, dark breads and red wines. With a sharp, cheddar like flavour, Blue Stilton, which hails from the U.K., is famous for its lovely crumbly texture. A mild cheese, German Blue is smooth and creamy with just a touch of blue flavour. Serve either on its own, or try melting over gnocchi with pesto for a succulent main course.

  • Creme de la Creme

French Brie and French Camembert boast a luxuriously rich and fruity flavour. Smooth and spreadable, they are excellent served with fruit, or as appetizers with crackers. Try topping with toasted almonds and butter and bake.

  • Slice of Heaven

French Emmental has a nutty sweet flavour that makes it perfect as a snack, appetizer or on an after-dinner cheese plate. A true delicacy, Dutch Gouda is carefully aged to develop its lovely flavour. The Gouda’s slightly crumbly composition makes it ideal as a table cheese or grated into soups, pastas or salads.

  • A Tangy Treasure

Cheddar cheese has been produced on farms in southwestern England for hundreds of years. Sharp, nutty and slightly moist, cheddar is wonderful when savoured with a glass of fine port. Also excellent with fruit, Cheddar is delicious paired with a slice of hot apple pie.

  • True Greatness

Parmigiano Reggiano, one of Italy’s most renowned offerings, is made exclusively in the Reggio Emilia area. Piquant, with sweet overtones and a grainy, hard composition, it can be enjoyed on its own, for dessert with grapes, or grated over pasta, risotto and into the soup.

  • Soft and Sweet

A rich, fresh cheese with slightly grainy texture, Italy’s ricotta cheese is moist with a slightly sweet flavour and is found in savoury preparations such as lasagna, manicotti and desserts like cheesecake. Mozzarella, a mild, Italian semisoft cheese with an elastic texture, is perfect on pizza because of its excellent melting qualities.

  • Silky Sensation

Caviar is one of the type of cheese which a pure goat’s-milk cheese from France with a delightfully tart flavor. Chevre can range in texture from moist and creamy to dry and semifirm, and often comes coated with edible ash or leaves, herbs or pepper. Serve tossed in a salad, baked in a quiche, or simply spread on crusty French bread.

  • Fit for a King

Known as the King of Cheese, Roquefort from France is made from sheep’s milk. It has a piquant taste and rich, crumbly texture. Spread on crackers, add to salad dressings, or serve with ripe pears. Gorgonzola is one of Italy’s greatest cheeses, with its creamy texture and spicy flavour. Melt in sauces, pastas, or fondues.

  • Melt in your Mouth

Port Salut from Frans, with its orange rind and pale-yellow interior, has a mild, savoury flavour and satiny texture, making it the perfect partner for fruit. Dutch Edam also boasts a mellow flavour, and is a great all-purpose cheese, especially lovely when served with dark beer. The mild yet tangy flavour of Danish Havarti intensifies and sharpens as it ages, and is a nice addition to grilled sandwiches and salads.

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