What are The Benefits of Eating Nuts for Your Health?

There are many benefits to eating nuts in your daily diet or snacking. Almost all nuts are good for you in one way or another. One basic benefit is reducing cholesterol; this alone can be a major benefactor to a heart healthy lifestyle. Walnuts, almonds and many other nuts can help reduce your blood cholesterol by being rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids.

The Food and Drug Administration recommends eating a 1 ½ ounce handful of nuts daily. Any kind of nut desired will help in this matter, even some pine nuts. In doing so, this can reduce your risk of heart disease but be sure they are in their natural stage or dried. Eating nuts that are processed with salt, sugar or any other kind of additive will not be beneficial. Keep in mind that even though nuts in general are high in calories, sticking with a handful will help you from gaining to much weight.

There have been many university studies on different kinds of nuts and the affects from consuming nuts has on the body. It has been proven that women who eat nuts several times a week have less body mass, have a more balanced income of fiber and consume more potassium, magnesium and vitamin E. When looking in for nut recipes one can find information online, in health food stores and many other types of retail outlets.

One of the highest regarded nuts is walnuts. Seems that the benefits of something known as ALA, a type of Omega 3 fatty acid, helps protect the heart from cholesterol and other issues of this type. This and other reasons are why so many people consume this nut in its natural form.

A nut that is highly consumed and a benefactor to getting vitamin E is the almond. Almonds are a great source of the antioxidant Vitamin E. Because of the natural abilities to block the consumption of calories when eaten, this nut is highly regarded as one of the best nuts to eat on a daily basis.

Hazelnuts, also known to many as Filberts, are another nut that has great benefits for one’s heart. These nuts have what is called folate, a type of B vitamin. This folate is known to help with preventing heart disease but also has the abilities to prevent certain types of cancer. This awesome nut also has a few other great benefits including amino acid that helps relax your blood vessels, much in the form of nature’s blood pressure medication.

Other types of heart healthy nuts are pecans, macadamia nuts in moderation and pistachio nuts, also known as the skinny nut. When using any of the nuts mentioned here within a food or as a snack, taking these in small moderation is important to achieve a correct balance of their benefits within the body. When using these same kinds of nuts within recipes one should know the multiple uses including on salads, within pancake batter, stuffed in pasta, add to cookies, adding to breads, add to dried trail mix and many other possibilities. The uses are endless in many ways and sometimes venturing into a new use can be very rewarding.  When searching for nut recipes, whether it is online or in any local stores, one should take note of sometime tested and personal favorites of any household.

No matter what nut is a personal choice, one can find great affects for any and all types of nuts. Nuts seem to be nature’s way of showing us what to eat, making it work for our bodies and benefiting by regulating out healthy habits in life.

Simon Taylor has always enjoyed eating nuts, and now he knows that nuts are good for you too.

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