Wooden Interior Ideas

Wooden Interior Ideas
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Wooden Interior Ideas – Wood in the interior, except on furniture, is appearing as wall layers, ceilings, stairs and much more lately. Covering walls in wood is usually tied to a minimalist spatial decoration. The furniture around it is usually very simple, without a lot of bold colors. A light shade of wood can be combined with cream colors, nut texture furniture and geometrical pattern fibers.

It is especially popular during winter and fall days, because an interior with wood even visually looks completely protected from the wind and the cold.

Modernly designed furniture made from full wood is trendy because it creates the ideal picture of a perfect home. If you want to increase the ambiance of nature and turn a modern apartment into a hut in the woods, cover your walls with wooden panels that are very popular this season.

Incorporate wood into your kitchen or bath

You can bring wood even into your kitchen and bathroom. In these rooms the floor is most commonly covered in ceramic tiles, and a thin wooden plate carpet will not only look beautiful, but will keep you warm too.

Next to that, the complete bathroom furniture, including the sink and bathtub, can be made out of full wood that is covered in a special moisture resistant layer so the wood doesn’t rot away.

Wooden blinds and venetian are also a great choice for the rooms where you would want a bit more light control, like your bedroom. Besides being very stylish and adding to that rustic sense, they stop the sun from waking you up in the morning if that’s your choice.

Heating with wood

But what about when you don’t need wood for decoration, but to keep yourself warm?

If your heating is by wood, and you live in a small apartment or house, it can be problematic because you probably have nowhere to store that wood. But, with the coming of winter, you need to secure a storage for the heating wood. Many homes today have fireplaces. And you need wood to fire up that fireplace. And to have wood, you have to have a place where you’d keep it.

If you find another place to use wood in your home beside your fireplace, it will become another hot spot in your home and your interior design. In that way you will add to the rustic touch, no matter what interior style. Heating wood will bring warmth and a feeling of nature in your space.

So, if you are searching for creative ideas how to store your firewood in a modern interior design, be creative and you’ll find a place alright.

Positive emotions

You see, wood is a great natural material. What feelings are evoked in you when you imagine a warm, wooden cottage in the woods. The smell of fresh baked goodies, smoke coming out of the chimney. It probably makes you think of love, warmth, family. That’s exactly what wood in an interior makes you feel. And who wouldn’t want to feel that every day, when they eat breakfast, take a shower or watch TV.

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