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Write For Us on homesandcook.com is a great way to give back to the community. By writing an article for us, we can share a good and useful information to everyone. So let’s get start it.


1. Some topics you can write:

  • Tips and tricks home improvement ideas
  • Tips and tricks on Gardening
  • Tips and tricks on how to maintaining room and home stuff
  • Easy and Simple Food or Cake Recipes (Easy Home Cook Recipe)
  • Tips and tricks on cooking

2. Writing Guidelines :

  • Minimum post length 500 words.
  • Articles must be unique and original (not copy and paste, not a translation / adaptation / plagiarism, and not use rewriting article software)
  • If you are promoting your own product, avoid using promotional language. Try to write an unbiased version of the article that shows all part of the product. Be sure to include, screenshots, videos, and any other media to facilitate the post. And lastly explain why it is useful to our audience.
  • Articles must not violate applicable laws.
  • Does not contain elements of SARA and pornography.
  • Has not been published in another media / publishing.
  • Topics contain one element of the benefits (gained knowledge / skills / evocative emotional / entertaining / solve / touch the ethical and aesthetic sensitivity) or appeal (new / strange / famous / amazing / controversial).
  • Take some time to look through the archives and include a link or two to a relevant article from homesandcook.com.
  • If needed, cite your sources and give credit where credit is due.

3. Post formatting requirements :

Please use headings, sub-headings, bold, italics, lists etc in your guest post to make it more engaging. if you are writing long plain text, no one is going to read that.
Use good 3 main keyword density (Please don’t use any keyword spamming).

4. By-line requirements:

1 Maximum outgoing link from the author’s bio.

Our new rule, now we can only give “NO-FOLLOW” link, considering Google regulations now is more stringent.

5. Post images

Author must to submit a related image that describes the article.
Images size are less than 80 KB

Every image should describe the copyright material by the owner or by another source.

6. Re-publishing terms

Require that the post remains never republished for the lifetime of my blog for the fear of duplicate content issue and to maintain my resource uniqueness and quality.

7. Comment Policy

You are supposed to reply to all incoming comments on your guest post.



Please fill out all these fields accurately and send your work file. I will review your article work. If your articles meet the requirements, then I will publish it soon.


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